Leon Wolf Sad Clown Painting

This Leon Wolf sad clown painting that I have for sale is exquisitely done, with colors that are very vibrant.The clown is very expressive.This would be a great gift for a clown lover. I have had this painting listed on and off for several years. I have never been able to find much information on this artist. 
This painting is for sale in my online store: https://totalturmoilvintage.com/product-category/artwork-photographs-wall-decor/.

Not long after I listed it, I got a message from someone saying she had purchased one of this artist’s paintings and had paid a huge sum of money, around 1000.00 for hers, and that I should raise the price. It was very helpful of her to let me know the artist’s first name, although that still hasn’t helped with finding information on the artist. I received a second message similar to the first one, after another few years, and it did not appear to be from the same person. I had asked follow up questions on both messages, and don’t recall receiving any response. So if anyone has any information on this artist, I would appreciate receiving that.

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