Warren Zevon Book and Career Revisited

Warren Zevon, what a talent! I just finished re-reading the book about him written by his ex-wife. I had read it when it first came out, which was amazingly, ten years or so ago.

It is an enjoyable read, the kind of book that once you start reading, it is hard to stop doing so.

However, I would have liked more information on his childhood and what transpired when he was young to shape his personality with it’s seemingly many flaws.

Someone quoted in the book said something along the lines of that Warren caused a lot of adversity for himself.

Someone else said he had too many demons to, and I am paraphrasing here, to have a ‘Quiet Normal Life.’

But what was really striking about the book was his career issues.

What on earth happened with his career?

Sales figures for his many albums are quoted several times and they seemed very low.

I was always a huge fan of his, and bought most of his records, which I then replaced with CD’s and now are being replaced with MP3’s as I have been doing with all my music.

This guy put out so many great albums that it is hard to understand why he seemed to have the label of ‘washed up’ hung on him so early, and so persistently.

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